What Makes Hong Kong Congee Special


Humble Origins

Before it became a widespread dish, Boat Congee was a cheap and humble option for the families living on boats in Hong Kong. It was supposed to be simple and practical, and not necessarily relevant to only the premium classes. It reflected the very lifestyle on the open seas.

Seafood Centric

With a history of being used on boats, seafood then naturally shows up on the list of ingredients used to create Boat Congee. The original recipe called for a great number of different ingredients, but nowadays people often use cuttlefish, peanuts, pig skin and some meat, and the dish's adaptation still makes it associated with the sea.

Fresh and Sweet Taste

Boat Congee is glorified by its consistent delicate sweetness, which perfectly characterizes the dish. Such a flavor profile is a manifestation of high freshness of ingredients, especially about seafood, as well as different approaches which enhance the natural taste of these elements.

Cultural Significance

The people in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, as well as Cantonese restaurant owners across the world, consider Boat Congee an important staple food. Its fame goes not only as far as its taste but also cultural relevance which symbolizes southern China's water villages being a very popular dish.

Comfort Food

Congee, in particular, is famous for the fact that it is very smooth and creamy and, therefore, the food for babies, seniors, and those who feel unwell and are not well. It is simple and digestible and gives those heart-warming feelings, which makes it the go-to-meal in many Asian households.

Culinary Techniques

In order to obtain the best bowl of Cantonese-style congee, the chef needs to stir it all the time to avoid the rice from sticking and burning. Ingredients such as beancurd skin are used to replace the texture and taste of the bean curd. Short-grain Jasmine rice, mainly used, gives a really creamy texture.

Modern Appreciation

Over its historical past, congee was always the symbol of poverty and of fasting. However, nowadays, it is receiving increasing respect in cooking circles. Chefs are experimenting with innovative fusion of the delicacy and it's become a sit down discussion with cultures in Asian dining.

Ritual and Taboo

The Chinese are culturally rich in congee that has existed since the Zhou dynasty of around 1000 BCE. It is closely related to the ritual of fasting, and it is given special significance on several days of the Lunar New Year. Yet, at the same time it is unacceptable to eat it that early in the year as it was associated with poverty before.


It is interesting to know the origin of the term "congee", which is the Chinese translation of the Tamil word "kanji", which means the water that is used to cook rice. This word has travelled and changed through ages when a lot of Asian countries started adapting the dish from one place to another.

Boat Congee of Hong Kong is a dish that everyone in the city knows. It shows what Hong Kong was before, and what makes the city the place it is now. It's a simple yet a special dish that has become something that is cherished by people who live there and foodies all around the globe.

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