Microsoft’s new Windows and Cloud AI features in May 2024.


Microsoft will be doing a launch of new Windows and cloud AI features at its Build conference in May 2024. The president of the company, Satya Nadella, has pointed out that AI will be a full-fledged addition to every laptop in the year 2024.

. The next release's main emphasis will be AI and revolutionary features, aiming to incorporate AI deeper into the operating system.

AI features for PCs and for the cloud.

Microsoft will unveil brand-new intelligent tools for use on PCs as well as in the cloud at its Build event which is held annually. The organization is in a good position financially with customers requiring AI services in the Azure public cloud and they plan to keep up this rate by introducing new AI features available to developers.

A fresh Windows version, scheduled to be available in the second part of 2024, will be shipped as an upgrade for computers that are already using Windows. The upcoming release of Windows puts AI into the spotlight, and some features could be accelerated and/or work better with the NPU hardware.

A Special Windows and Surface AI Event.

On Monday, May 20th, the afternoon before Build 2024 starts, Microsoft is holding a special AI event in the morning. In the event Satya Nadella the CEO will come forward and elucidate the AI vision of the company which is across hardware and software.

Windows 12 Launching and AI Hardware

Microsoft may possibly launch Windows 12 in June 2024 together with numerous AI enabled PCs that will be available in different varieties and modelers. This release would suggest specific AI hardware that could be used too.

AI Integration with NVIDIA

Microsoft Azure plans to challenge AMD and Intel by adopting the NVIDIA Grace Blackwell Superchip to accelerate its AI efforts for the customer and first party. As well as, the native combination of NVIDIA DGX Cloud with Microsoft Fabric is predicted to be a good source for customers' customized AI design using their own data. NVIDIA AI and accelerated computing platforms is also assumed to be an area where MIcrosoft Copilot is going to be upgraded in the future.

Briefly, the AI strategy of Microsoft is constituted by the increased AI integration into the windows and cloud services to turn the AI into the first-class composition of every PC. Liberation of the next month will probably mark the release of breakthrough features destined to work better on innovative AI hardware.

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