Lenovo targets US$16 billion in sales of new AI-powered computers


\Chinese tech Lenovo already unveiled its aggressive plan to make whopping 100 billion yuan sales for its new AI-powered personal computers and smartphones via e-trading with JD.com. This strategic action from Lenovo is going to become a point of revolution in the tech industry bringing forward the company globally.

When it comes to the relationship between Lenovo and JD.com, JD.com has been their trusted e-commerce platform for a long time in China. With electronic commerce expanding and the world gravitating increasingly to technology, the cooperation proved successful, marking the years 2018 with Lenovo’s sales on JD.com exceeding US$1bn.

Now, face-to-face encounters of AI powered devices, Lenovo and JD.com are all set to conquer the tech industry. The up to date gadgets feature sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that can learn, adjust and transcend itself depending upon the ways users behave. These highly developed characteristics make the devices exceptional in the market and compose the basis for the companies’ competitive advantage.

The destination for the two companies is the US$ 16B for the new devices with AI that is much higher than the previous US$ 10B expansion target. This shows their strong faith in the brands and the fact that they are proud of the growth and success that are primarily achieved through the utilization of these products.

The first significant plan that Lenovo and JD.com find to realize this objective is by working together. Lenovo has the prospect of gaining access to a broader market with its product availability on JD.com, both within China and abroad. This measure is the most important since it will give Lenovo an opportunity to display AI-based devices to a wider audience and thereby give them a higher visibility in the tech market.

Moreover, the cooperation not only enables Lenovo and JD.com to seize the increasing tendency of online shopping but also to boost digital sales. One of the sectors to witness rapid growth is e-commerce, the future of which looks promising. Through strengthening its online sales, businesses stand a chance to get a better reach and have higher revenue potential.

Another leading element of such cooperation is focusing on customer satisfaction. Lenovo and JD.com have developed a reputation for focusing on customers, which will be also true when they deal with AI-powered devices. Together these two companies will strive to make sure customers can effortlessly navigate from browsing, to buying, and even later if there are any issues after the purchase.

In addition, the application of AI technology in the devices themselves are another factor contributing to the enlarged customer experience. With this innovative technology coming up, people will have an easier time in navigating through the new devices, making them a more appealing purchase.

However, there is no doubt that this US$16 billion ambition is very high and maybe too high, yet both Lenovo and JD.com are well positioned to achieve it. Thus, with their synergy, focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, these two tech heavyweights are heading to make a groundbreaking dent in the industry.

In conclusion, the co-operation between Lenovo and JD.com to sell AI-driven devices is a well thought-out and strategic plan. Not only it fortifies their position in the tech sector, but it also attracts e-commerce users and meets the growing demand for such novelty products. Together, the two firms have what it takes to envision the success they can both attain and shape the tech world for a better future.

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