Porsche confirms a Taycan wagon is coming

Porsche on Friday confirmed its Mission E Cross Turismo concept for production as an alternative body style for the Taycan electric liftback sedan.
The Mission E Cross Turismo concept made its debut in March at the 2018 Geneva auto show and is in the form of a rugged, high-riding wagon, known as a soft-roader in automotive parlance.
It isn't clear if the production version will follow the soft-roader route or simply be a standard wagon option for the Taycan, akin to Porsche's Panamera Sport Turismo wagon.
It's possible we see both given Porsche's penchant for launching multiple derivatives of a single product line. A Taycan Targa is also rumored to be in the works.
Porsche also hasn't said when to expect any Taycan wagon but a likely bet is in 2020. Production of the sedan is scheduled to start in 2019.
The performance specs of the two body styles should be similar, if not identical. This means potential buyers can look forward to at least one version of the Taycan wagon to offer over 600 horsepower and 300 miles of range. An 800-volt electrical system will also enable 80 percent charges in 15-20 minutes, when using a 350-kilowatt charger.
Production of Porsche's electric cars will take place at a new facility set up at the automaker's main plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany. Porsche on Monday said it would recruit 1,200 staff and invest close to $7 billion for its various electric car programs running through to 2022.

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