VINFAST Unveil New Electric Pickup


The VF Wild concept showcases VinFast's commitment to innovation and sustainability in creating a high-performing pickup truck that appeals to the modern generation of consumers. This revolutionary vehicle prioritizes both eco-friendliness and exceptional performance, without compromising on durability.
Measuring at an impressive overall length of 209 inches (5324mm) and a width of 79 inches (1997mm), the VF Wild falls within the mid-size pickup category. Its efficiently packaged dimensions are further enhanced by the flexible bed size. By incorporating a power-folding mid-gate, this vehicle sets a new standard with its class-leading bed length that can expand from 5 to 8 feet automatically when the rear seats are folded down. As a result, the VF Wild provides the largest bed available in its segment. This functionality allows users to effortlessly switch between work and play, all while enjoying style and comfort.
The design of the VF Wild also includes a panoramic glass roof and digital side mirrors, both of which contribute to improved aerodynamics. These features not only enhance the vehicle's overall aesthetics but also positively impact its performance.

The VF Wild concept was collaboratively created by VinFast and the Australian design studio GoMotiv. Over a period of 8,000 hours, a team of numerous designers worked diligently to develop its unique and captivating "Fluid Dynamism" aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the graceful movement of a superhero's cape in the wind.
Notably, VinFast's latest electric vehicle concept holds significant meaning in its chosen name. The term "Wild" symbolizes the sheer power of nature and encapsulates the brand's philosophy of pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. This choice further reinforces VinFast's unwavering commitment to a sustainable future for all, aligning with their ongoing efforts to promote a greener environment.

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