Rimac C_Two electric supercar delayed to 2021

Rimac continues to hum along with work on the C_Two electric supercar, but there's bad news for those waiting in line for the production car.
The Croatian-based startup said on Tuesday the C_Two won't be in customers' hands this year after all. Care to take a guess at what caused the delays? If you picked the obvious answer, the coronavirus pandemic, you win.
The production version of the C_Two was scheduled to enter production this year with first deliveries set to follow shortly thereafter. Now Rimac believes it will deliver the first cars in 2021. Not all is lost this year when it comes to the electric supercar, though. The company added we'll still see the C_Two's final design and learn its final name in the months to come.
In the meantime, the Croatian company remains busy with preproduction and prototype cars. Despite the delay, the C_Two now has a new production line at the factory, which will help cut assembly time in half. So far, the company has built four prototype cars, but it needs another 13 to fulfill testing and homologation requirements. Then, another 10 preproduction cars are required. The new assembly line will speed the process up tremendously.
Serving as a followup to the Rimac Concept_One, the C_Two promises a top speed of 258 mph and a 0-600 mph time of just 1.85 seconds. That's quicker than Tesla's quoted 1.9-second sprint for the upcoming Roadster, mind you. Four electric motors will make 1,914 horsepower, which will make the supercar quite super indeed. Rimac underscored it remains confident the production car will meet all of these figures.
So, we'll sit back and wait a little longer for Croatia to build its next world-beating supercar.

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