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The last time we saw the Rimac C_Two, it was cruising casually through some undeniably gorgeous scenery in an artful-but-short teaser video. Rimac released the clip to mark the electric hypercar’s transition to more aggressive prototype testing, and as this new video shows, the aggressive phase has kicked up a few more notches.
The clip features a pair of development prototypes hammering a race track, exploring two very different aspects of performance. One car is focused on suspension and handling, fine-tuning the C_Two’s nuances with updated suspension components. The mission for car number two is aerodynamics, analyzing and adjusting and the C_Two’s active aero components for optimal performance. Neither car shares the same system – the active aero prototype doesn’t have an upgraded suspension and vice versa – so each component can be monitored and adjusted without data getting crossed up.
Judging from what we see in the teaser video, good progress is being made. The cars look quick on the track, and it seems Rimac is devoting considerable time to ensuring the C_Two can take corners with gusto. Additionally, the video explains that having the car be docile and easy to drive at slower speeds is important as well, despite having nearly 2,000 horsepower (1,491 kilowatts) for all four wheels to manage. We don’t see much slow-speed action in this clip, but admittedly, the action does take place at a race track.

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