Tesla’s extended warranty plans are not available for all models.

tesla ext

Tesla has become synonymous with “electric car,” and for good reason: it is currently the world leader in electric vehicles for the road. While Tesla models win praise for performance and range, quality history has not been stellar.
That’s one reason to strongly consider buying an extended warranty for a Tesla model. Another is that, while a Tesla does not have a conventional internal combustion engine or transmission, it has a highly sophisticated electric powertrain and a plethora of onboard electronic and computer technology. It is simply one of the most advanced vehicles in production today. And advanced tech usually means expensive repairs when things fail.
Tesla offers an extended warranty, which it calls an Extended Service Agreement, but only for the Model S and Model X, not the Model 3, the company’s entry vehicle. While third-party warranties are available, not all companies cover luxury brands or electric vehicles, or, if they do, coverage may not be available for all models in the range. In our research of the best warranty companies, we learned that the popular provider CarShield offers protection for Tesla models. You can ask them for price quotes and sample contracts.

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