Toyota to offer electric version of every vehicle model by 2025

As the next decade approaches, Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) wants to position itself as a leader in the electric car market, the company announced Monday.
By 2025, the auto manufacturer said every Toyota and Lexus model will either be a dedicated electric model or have an electric option.
And by 2030, Toyota hopes to have annual sales of 5.5 million electric vehicles, including 1 million zero-emission vehicles (battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, and fuel cell electric vehicles, or FCEVs). To date, the company has sold 11 million electric vehicles.
The Japanese company, which has its North American headquarters in Plano, plans to make more than 10 BEV models available by the early 2020s. The plan is to introduce the models to China before venturing into the Japanese, Indian, European and American markets.
As for the FCEVs, Toyota plans to have an expanded lineup prepared for passenger and commercial vehicles in the 2020s.

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