Morgan EV3 to go into production in 2018

Come 2018, Morgan will produce its first all-electric car, the EV3. The automaker has also admitted that this model car will deliver a better performance, with rapid charging technology, proven reliability, a lower center of gravity and faster acceleration.
As most automakers are currently gearing heavily towards producing electric and hybrid cars, Morgan may be one of those least expected to go down the EV route. However, thanks to the new collaboration between Morgan and industry leaders Frazer-Nash Energy Systems, the production version of the EV3 will roll off the production line in 2018.
The EV3 model car will feature a more robust exterior, with enhanced levels of torque, a stiffer chassis and an under-slung a 21 KWh lithium battery beneath the skin of the car to help with lowering the centre of gravity. Inside the tubular space frame chassis is a liquid-cooled 34.8 kW (41.8 kW peak) electric motor driving the rear wheels.
Weighing less than 500kg, the all-electric three wheeler has a range of 150 miles and the EV3 is said to “deliver comparable performance figures to its gasoline-powered sibling” to provide future drivers an exhilarating driving experience, but the EV3 will “not normally be associated with relatively affordable electric vehicles.”
As things are heating up for Morgan, the EV3 will be the brand’s first foray into the world of electric cars and also the vehicle’s first to utilise composite carbon panels in its body construction.
The production is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2018 at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory in in the UK.

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