CES 2018 Nissan Booth Will Feature IMx Concept And New Technologies

CES 2018 Nissan Booth Will Feature IMx Concept And New Technologies

Nissan to Arrive on the CES 2018 Platform with Novel Technologies and IMx Concept

Electric grids, self-driving cars and drivers being connected with each other on the roads are the watchword among car makers nowadays and will remain a topic of interest at the CES 2018.

Nissan is not an automaker to be left behind. It wants in on a piece of the action. So at the CES 2018, which will transpire at Las Vegas starting from January 7th, Nissan has declared that it will introduce a special technology that will be the talk of the town.

A great deal of thought will be generated by this novel technology and Nissan has promised that it will tell all in the due course of time.

Nissan’s booth at the CES 2018 will feature the IMx Concept. This was unveiled last October at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is to serve as the inspiration for the next gen Rogue Sport.

This is commonly called the Qashqai in Europe. It has an EV inner working system and has twin electric motors to boot. There is furthermore a ProPilot System in the machinery. This lets it drive itself.

The steering wheel miraculously folds into the dashboard and seats are laid back on their support carriages when this system is activated. This is an altogether new technology that will make many gasp in amazement at its display and demonstration at the CES 2018.

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