Tesla seeks robotaxi licence in China


- To validate its self-driving software, Tesla has applied for a permit to provide robotaxi rides without pilots in China. This follows the footsteps of Musk who met the Chinese counterparts in Beijing just recently.

- The approval of the testing will make China the second country on the earth, the USA being the first, where Tesla can bring out its self-driving autonomy technology to the public.

- Tesla provides more proof of the capability of its self-driving tech. China will advance Tesla's status as a pioneer of self-driving vehicles if it succeeds in the region.

- Nevertheless, the authentication of self-driving cars is a difficult task with Chinese stringent regulations for autonomous driving tests with passengers. The local companies, such as Baidu, Pony.ai and WeRide have privilege in maneuvering robotaxis within the limited areas.

- As a matter of fact, the fact that Tesla would pass the test would indicate the Chinese inclination to foreign tech firms on strategic advanced technologies like the self-driving software at the same time, all this is happening with the trade war between the US and China.

As a result, the permit application is the company's attempt to broaden its autonomy research and development as well as the deployment of autonomous tech in the expansive market of China with the supervision of the regulations. However, there is still some blank spots in the release date and implementation of the license as it was approved.

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