SK Hynix's Invest US$ 3.87 billion in First US Chip Plant


SK Hynix, the second largest memory chip manufacturer in the world, is to make investment of US$ 3.87 billion for the construction of an Advanced Packaging plant and AI research center in Indiana, United States of America. This is a historic victory for the White House, as it seeks to speed up the semiconductor production in the United States. The plant, located in the city of West Lafayette, is going to commence mass production in the second half of 2028. The establishment will be geared towards a high-bandwidth graphic processors production line which use in the training AI systems is necessary too.

The investment is part of the bigger picture of the Asian chip making companies pouring money into the US. As an illustration, South Korea’s Samsung is building a $17 billion chip manufacturing plant in Texas, and Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest foundry, is investing $40 billion in two foundry chip facilities in Arizona..

SK Hynix’s decision to invest in the US reflects on the company’s plans announced two years ago to invest in the US. In that moment, SK Group chairman Chey Tae'won announced that his conglomerate would spend around $15 billion on producing chip facilities.

The decision of SK Hynix to build the US chip plant is another big move for the company as it wants to give an impetus to American semiconductor output and contribute to the development of AI technologies. This move is in line with the wider industry trend of major companies endeavoring to establish themselves in the US semiconductor market.

Finally, SK Hynix's plan to open its first chip plant in the US is a piece of a broader picture that includes other large chipmakers boosting their footprints in the US, which is in line with the Biden administration's policy of increasing semiconductor production within the borders of the US.

About SK hynix Inc.

SK hynix Inc., headquartered in Korea, is the world’s top tier semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (“DRAM”), flash memory chips (“NAND flash”) and CMOS Image Sensors (“CIS”) for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The Company’s shares are traded on the Korea Exchange, and the Global Depository shares are listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange. Further information about SK hynix is available at

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