Huawei and Chery Automobile's Luxeed S7 premium EV, now available for mass delivery


The designer electric vehicle company Huawei has confirmed that the production line of the Luxeed S7 premium electric vehicles (EV) has been put into mass production. This is a big stride for both companies in EV development as they are looking to make a difference in the electric space where there is a growing competition.

The Luxeed S7, a new EV, is renowned for its top notch specs and features that distinguish it from other high-end EV makers. It is the outcome of a partnership that effectively combines Huawei's technological field with the automobile manufacturing experience of Chery Automobile.

The standout feature on the Luxeed S7 is its powertrain which is represented by a 93kWh battery pack and a dual-motor system that put out a combined 405 horsepower maximum. Thus, it is capable of speeding from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds and reaching the max speed of 200 km/h. The battery pack also reportedly has an 800 kilometers rated range on a single charge, beating out many of its rivals.

Besides performance, Luxeed S7 also has futuristic technologies making them standout, which is the presence of Huawei. It is the Huawei’s HiCar system that has the car integrated into functions of your phone to elevate your driving experience that is the Huawei’s HiCar system. Besides that, the vehicle likewise ensures over-the-air updates which imply that it will be able to download new features and updates remotely through internet link, therefore, no need to physically go to the service center.

The cooperation between Huawei and Chery Automobile manifests not only on the Luxeed S7, but in other products and solutions. The OEM has partnered with the carmaker to design and develop the premium Chery EXEED which was launched during the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. Similarly, this car is the brand of Huawei and the market has responded to it by praising it since its launch.

The mass market delivery of the Huawei-Chery S7 is a significant landmark event for both Huawei and the Chery Automobile. It shows that their alliance is definitely working and they are prepared for already a known competition of original manufacturers of EV automobiles. Local automakers have in addition demonstrated their readiness to make more electric and intelligent vehicles which goes hand in hand with the Chinese government’s aim of promoting environment-friendly cars and lowering the emissions in future.

Thanks to the Huawei's S7 introduction into the market, the latter becomes one of the market elites in the automotive industry. It is worth noting that the firm has been in great shape in several markets like 5G, artificial intelligence, and now it is also on electric vehicles. The combination of its technology and innovations, along with Chery Automobile’s expertise in the manufacture of cars, produces a product of high quality which without a doubt would compete successfully in the market.

Additionally, the Luxeed S7, fits as a foot in the step towards environmental-friendly and energy-efficient transportation, but also a symbol of the deepened cooperation between Huawei and the Chery Automobile Company. Both companies are actively cooperating to apply the latest technology for improving consumer experience through supreme driving pleasure. This is a clear expression from them. They wish to be seen as a major contributor to a car makers' industry that is growing fast.

In the end, the mass production of the Luxeed S7 by Chery Automobile, the partner of Huawei, is considered as the milestone in the development for both entities. It illustrates their dedication to the production of sophisticated and smart cars while giving us a hint about what the automotive landscape will look like in the future. Leveraging on their common strength and resources, Huawei along with Chery Automobile will not only establish their name in the fiercely competitive EV market but also shape the industry dynamics.

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