Elon Musk Requires 'FSD' Demo for Every Prospective Tesla Buyer in North America


Every Potential Prospect in North America Must Take a 'FSD' Demo Drive to be Eligible to Buy a Tesla.

The CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk, has issued a memorandum on a significant change in the mode of delivery of new Teslas in North America. This shift concerns the firm's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta system, an ADAS level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that is meant to perform automation of driving tasks in cities as well as on freeways.

Mandatory FSD Demonstrations

Musk has directed all Tesla employees to give each customer who receives a car in North America a demonstration of the FSD Beta software. This initiative is a "hard requirement" meant to engage, educate, and entice new owners into believing the dependability of the FSD system. There is a short test ride as part of the demo to show how FSD works in actual traveling environment .

The FSD Technology

The FSD Beta is the further developing system, which requires the driver's attention at all times, without doing any driving for the driver. The main aim of Tesla is to develop the system to a high level of reliability where it can be used not being supervised by the driver – it will be fully autonomous. Yet, the FSD version 12.3.1 has still first priority given to the driver, who might have to seize the control at any moment.

Boosting Adoption and Awareness

The decision the FSD acts needs, to a certain extent, is due to the importance of raising the rate of FSD package adoption. Musk states that "almost no one" has an idea of how "feature-rich and proactive FSD actually performs", and through first-hand experience Tesla hopes that the customer perception and understanding of the feature will improve. Similarly, this plan includes the aid of financial incentives as referred buyers get 1st three-month membership FSD charge-free.

Safety and Regulatory Scrutiny

The two features of Tesla, Autopilot and FSD, have been targeted with criticism and regulatory authority for being not safe enough, as well as for endangering the public because these automatic features may be misused by drivers. The Department of Justice's interest has led to the opening of a criminal investigation of crashes involving Autopilot software as well . Even with these worries, however, Tesla has put out its defense of the system, reportedly by their data, and emphasizing its proper use.

Future Prospects

In his vision for FSD, Musk proposes that owners of Tesla cars could benefit not only from the additional feature themselves but also from the revenue would be generated by turning the cars into robotaxis. Such a concept fits in with Tesla’s larger strivings for autonomous driving technology improvement and redefining of the automotive sector.


Such Tesla boss Elon Musk's instruction on compulsory FSD shows how serious the car producer is about getting its customers acquaint with self driving technology. Now by making each new Tesla owner in North America test the FSD Beta a mission of Tesla is to build customer confidence, grow adoption speed, and of course prepares the way for a future era of autonomous driving.

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