NIO delivered 10,055 vehicles in January 2024


NIO Inc. expands power network initiatives and reaches milestone in delivery results for January 2024.

NIO Inc., an innovative leader in the high-end intelligent electric vehicle sector, announced its delivery update for January 2024 today from Shanghai, China. Notable progress and strategic developments were highlighted.

Strong Delivery Efficiency

NIO's delivery count for January 2024 reached a milestone with 10,055 vehicles delivered and an impressive year-over-year increase of 18.2%. The achievement attests to the company's ability to fulfill the escalating demand for luxury smart electric cars. Among these deliveries were 6,307 top-of-the-line SUVs alongside 3,748 premium sedans - reaffirming NIO as a leader in this market. The sustained growth of their sales represents NIO's on-going dedication towards innovation and superiority; factors that continue playing crucial roles in maintaining its noteworthy presence within industry markets today.

Milestone accumulation:

On January 31, 2024, NIO achieved a noteworthy accomplishment when its cumulative vehicle deliveries reached an impressive total of 459,649. This remarkable achievement solidifies NIO's status as a leading force in the electric car industry and is evidence of their unwavering customer loyalty and market appeal over time.

The planned expansion of the power swap network with a strategic approach.

With the aim of transforming electric vehicle infrastructure, NIO has implemented strategic measures. Specifically, in January 2024, the company inked significant partnerships with JAC Group and Chery Automobile to promote battery swapping technology. These agreements supplement NIO's preexisting collaborations with Geely Group and Changan Automobile as part of an effort to establish a powerful network for easily accessing and using electric vehicles through enhanced convenience brought by readily available batteries replacement locations across various areas.

Zhongan Energy: Revolutionizing the Network of Shared Charging and Swapping

Zhongan Energy was established in January 2024 as a pioneering effort by NIO and its partners, with the sole objective of creating an accessible and collaborative charging, swapping, and energy storage network. Zhongan Energy is dedicated to developing battery swap stations across China at a massive scale of 1,000 units over several years to maximize adaptation rates for this technology. Through such initiatives backed by eco-friendly solutions rooted in industry partnerships like these showcase NIO's pledge towards sustainable development.

NIO plans to pursue further partnerships in order to propel the growth of power networks and facilitate broader integration of battery swapping technology. Through making its power swap network accessible industry-wide, NIO has established itself as a major figure that will fuel the development of electric vehicle ecosystems.

NIO's noteworthy progress in the electric vehicle industry is exemplified by its January 2024 shipping report and strategic endeavors which demonstrate their dedication to excellence, innovation, and a greener future. With substantial growth momentum and effective partnerships, NIO has established itself as an impressive powerhouse within the dynamic realm of intelligent EVs.

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