Nvidia enter road with AI


Nvidia (NVDA) is renowned for fueling artificial intelligence capabilities for global companies with its high-performance graphics processors. However, during CES 2024, the company is putting the spotlight on its automotive aspirations and how these very capabilities are driving them forward.

This entails Nvidia's involvement in the development of autonomous driving and advanced driver safety systems, as well as leveraging generative AI to enhance vehicle comprehension and effectively interpret the surroundings of an automobile.

According to Danny Shapiro, the Vice President of Automotive at Nvidia, this endeavor entails the real-time processing of an enormous amount of data generated from various car cameras, as well as the radar and lidar (light detection and ranging) systems mounted on the vehicle. Shapiro expressed these insights while seated in the front seat of Mercedes's CLA concept car at the CES 2024 event.

However, it will still require a significant amount of time before we can comfortably relax in the driver's seat, enjoying a movie or taking a nap while our cars drive us around. According to Shapiro, the automotive industry initially underestimated the level of complexity involved in making self-driving cars a reality.
This is where Nvidia's technology comes into play. By creating digital twins of vehicles and cities on their Omniverse platform, Nvidia aims to train self-driving AI to handle various weather and driving scenarios. The idea is to expose the AI to limitless possibilities in a virtual world, allowing Nvidia to accelerate the development of self-driving vehicles without the risks associated with real-world accidents.
Additionally, Nvidia's auto efforts include the utilization of generative AI, which is considered the breakthrough technology of 2023. Shapiro explains that this innovative technology will enable drivers to obtain a comprehensive overview of a vehicle.

Nvidia's automotive sector remains a relatively minor contributor to the company's overall revenue. In the fiscal third quarter, this segment generated $261 million in comparison to the $2.86 billion from the gaming division and $14.51 billion from the data center business. Presently, Nvidia offers diverse automotive technologies, including infotainment features. However, the ultimate aspiration is for this business to grow significantly as self-driving technologies progress. Nonetheless, Nvidia's advanced driver assistance capabilities continue to enhance for the time being.

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