High gas prices increase demand for electric cars and charging stations


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Soaring prices at gas stations are driving up the demand for electric car purchases.

Drivers say more charging stations will be needed down the road.

Apps help electric car owners find charging stations during road trips.

Popular charging locations for locals and tourists include the Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta.

The Rosewood Miramar in Montecito also has a row of chargers for Tesla, and new ones appear ready to charge by the Bank of America on upper State Street.

There are also chargers at rest stops along the coast.

On weekends they often have to wait their turn in Goleta.

Nanny Navarro said, "The weekend it is packed here it is, it is hard to get a spot."

Her brother Giovanni Comin owns two types of electric cars and prefers his Tesla and Tesla charging station.

"The non Tesla charging is still as little more rudimentary, and kind of a little more difficult to get the hang of Tesla got it pretty  dialed," said Comin.

Charging usually takes less than half-an-hour, giving drivers enough time to pick up coffee or take out.

A full charge often costs less than a quarter tank of gas, but owners can be charged by the minute if they leave their car too long in a location that has drivers waiting.

Sabine Corsiglia drove to Goleta from the Bay Area on a single charge.

"I just plug in my destination and it gives me the closest time that I will need to get charged."

Some electric car owners are 

like walking or in this case driving advertisements

.There is no maintenance, no oil changes."

While he charges the car, he said he can use his steering wheel to play driving video games.

"It is fun for kids you know, or adults, there is a lot of stuff to do. You have a computer right in front of you."

Some drivers are able to use the money they savings on fuel to pay off their electric vehicles

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