Porsche Project 411 Concept is a futuristic tribute to the 911


It's autonomous, electric, and fast.

The future of car design is anyone's guess. Autonomous driving technologies, all-electric powertrains, and changing consumer tastes all have the potential to define – and redefine – what a car looks like and is. That's what Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu did with the Porsche Project 411 Concept, a futuristic tribute to the automaker's 911 Spyder designed for NCS Company.

It's a far departure from the 911 we know today or Porsche's current design language, but it sticks to the idea of efficient styling over flair. There are no body cuts, for example, along the front. The 411 is a sleek supercar, designed for an ambitious future where speeds exceeding XXX miles per hour (400 kilometres per hour) would be typical. Think of it as a luxury motorway cruiser.

It's been one year since Porsche revealed the Taycan, its first fully electric car, and it won't be the company's last. Porsche has plans to electrify many more models in the future, and it'd seem EVs are the future. Pair that with autonomous technology and built-in inductive charging, and you have a recipe for an entirely new "driving" experience.

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