650-horsepower electric sports car comes with a holographic driving instructor

Apex Motors, a UK car company, unveiled its AP-0 concept EV at an event in London earlier this month. The odd-looking supercar packs racing-inspired technology, a powerful motor, and some design elements that can only be described as "unique."

A new all-electric or hybrid sports car seems to debut every week or two nowadays, meaning it's increasingly harder to set new creations apart from the ever-growing pack. Thus, it's only right for the ideas to get wilder by the day.
The Apex AP-0, a new, all-electric concept sports car from UK-based Apex Motors, lives up to that challenge at least, as far as the looks department is concerned.
The AP-0 debuted earlier this month with all the necessary features of an electric supercar in 2020. It has a super-powerful electric motor, mind-bending acceleration, loads of carbon fiber, and a top speed that pushes 200 mph.
But all of that is relatively expected in that class of car these days. What makes the AP-0 stand out upon first glance is the massive fin running down the rear half of the car, which gives way to a busy criss-cross of taillights out back a pairing so striking, it looks more fit for daydreams than the real world.
Looks aside, the AP-0 does offer up some impressive features, if they ever make their way into a production model. The car promises a feet-forward driving position where the feet stretch out in front of the hips, as opposed to having them below the waist like in most passenger cars a 650-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive layout, and an augmented-reality race instructor.

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