Wheels in motion for Jersey electric car-sharing club

Evie cars in St Helier
A new electric car-sharing club is ready to hit the road in Jersey.
EVie, in St Helier, is starting with four vehicles and hopes to have 20 operating by the end of the year, expanding to 40 by the end of 2021.
Parish politician Constable Simon Crowcroft said such a club would help address climate change.
The scheme is starting at four parking spaces in St Helier, with people being able to book cars from £7.50 an hour.
Members will have to download an app to book and pay for the hire. They also have to be over the age of 23 and have a full licence.
Until charging points are installed at the approved spaces, the BMW i3 cars will be taken away at the end of the day for overnight charging, EVie founder and chairman Gavin Breeze said.
He said the range of the vehicles "would not be an issue" on the 9-mile by 5-mile (14km by 8km) island.
Mr Breeze said it was hoped that, as well as making it cheaper than owning a car, it would reduce the "huge pressure on parking everywhere".
Constable Crowcroft said such a club was "entirely consistent" with government plans "to address the climate change emergency and reduce our carbon emissions" and would provide "affordable access to mobility for all."
The company also plans 100 dockless electric bicycles on the island in the future.

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