Nissan IMk electric car concept looks like a grown-up Cube

Nissan IMk electric car concept looks like a grown up Cube

Nissan plans to show a whopping 14 vehicles at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, but one of them made an early internet debut on Tuesday. The Nissan IMk electric car concept bowed online ahead of an in-person reveal in Japan later this month, and dare I say, it's the Nissan Cube modernized.
The automaker said the IMk "embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility." That's corporate speak for either this will go into production, or it will heavily influence other production cars. Nissan did say the design hints at a new era of the automaker's design, which it calls "Timeless Japanese Futurism."
Although I invoked the Cube, the IMk should be smaller since it's a city car. Nevertheless, the design wraps around the tiny body quite well. Nissan's corporate V-Motion grille gets a rethinking for the IMk with dozens of horizontal slats making up the front fascia. It helps give the rather upright car a wider look. Sleek headlights wrap into the hood above the fenders and a component makes it seem as if they span the entire front of the car. 
Again, it seems like designers really tried to make the car look wider. And the wheels? Very cool and very funky.
We don't have any photos of the IMk's back end so it's impossible to comment on it, but the side view is rather clean and devoid of wild shapes. There is a sharp crease that cuts from the front driver-side door down into the rear wheel to give some flare, but otherwise, it's a smooth look. There are also no mirrors attached to the IMk, and instead, it appears a camera-as-mirror system sits in place.
As for the electric powertrain, Nissan left those details out and it will surely share them at the Tokyo Motor Show in a couple of weeks.
If the IMk is headed to production, don't expect it here in America. Us Yanks don't take well to city cars. Instead, this design could make its way to an upcoming Nissan electric crossover rumored to debut in the next couple of years.

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