A Startup is Creating an Electric Car You Subscribe To by the Month

Electric cars are an increasingly popular way to get around, but what if you’re hesitant to buy or lease this new way to get around?
Torrance-based Canoo is a startup working on an answer: an EV you subscribe to!
The startup just unveiled their first car to the world: an EV by the same name, Canoo! It looks like a mix between a minivan and a SUV.
Inside, the backseat it feels more like a living room with seating for seven. Up front, there is a minimalist aesthetic.
One unique aspect of this car: there is no traditional dashboard display. You place your phone in the dashboard holder and it tells you everything you need to know.
"You buy a new car and the first thing you do is buy an iPhone holder because you’re most likely not going to use the navigation from your car manufacturer. You’re most likely not going to use the music from your car manufacturer," said Krause.
And, just like Netflix and Spotify, you subscribe to this car. You can't buy or lease it!
"Look at the young generation, they don’t want to own stuff anymore," explained Krause.

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