ARCFOX GT: Geneva 2019


Arcfox, a Chinese electric car brand, brought a few new cars to the Geneva Motor Show. In case you hadn't heard of them before, Arcfox is owned by Beijing Electric Vehicle, (BJEV) which is itself, a division of Beijing Auto. Now that we all understand where these cars are coming from, let's get into what they actually consist of.

All of Arcfox's vehicles are electric, and the Arcfox GT performance car was the big reveal for Geneva. This builds off a two-seat concept car Arcfox showed a few years ago, and declares the GT ready for production. Strangely, Arcfox is building these cars in Spain — they're to be produced at the research and development center of the BAIC Group in Barcelona. Where Arcfox will ultimately sell the GT is still unknown.

There's every chance some folks will want to get their hands on one of these cars, because the base, street version makes 1,005 horsepower, good for a 0-60 mph time of just 2.59 seconds. It also looks like a mid-engine supercar, so no complaints over here. A faster "Track Edition" GT turns the wick up to 1,609 horsepower. No performance statistics were given for this higher power variant. Details as to where the electric powertrain is from are not available, but the amount of power is encroaching on the ridiculous Pininfarina Battista figure of 1,900 horsepower.

Arcfox also put forth an electric crossover concept called the "ECF" with scant details to go with. It has a "smart cockpit" and looks pretty generic. This is the company's first crossover of any kind, indicating they may be interested in straying from the performance car world and into more mainstream offerings. As for American availability, there is no word for the time being.

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