Mahindra expects quicker flow of Formula E EV technology to road cars

New Delhi, Nov 25 () Having put its bet on EVs, Mahindra group expects the technology from world electric car racing series Formula E to flow at a faster pace to its e-road cars, according to Chairman Anand Mahindra.
The group, whose Mahindra Racing is among the ten founding teams in the FIA Formula E Championship, has already tapped the technology from the series for the upcoming electric hypercar concept, PF-Zero, developed by Italian design house Pininfarina.
"An enormous amount of technology is flowing from Formula E. I expect that to happen even better this year as the new M5 Electro car, the new Formula E car does not have a need to swap a battery in the field. The same car will run the whole race," Mahindra told .
Stating that it is a "huge huge leap in durability and the range of the battery", he said," That is cutting edge stuff. It will flow right in (to road electric cars)."
He said the group having its own Formula E team enables it to get an inside view.
"In fact, even our race car drivers are in touch with Pininfarina for the PF Zero. They gave very active inputs into the technology of that car," he said.
When asked how much of those cutting-edge electric vehicle technology can trickle down to mass-market electric cars, he said, "The gap between race to road is a very small one in Formula E."
In Formula 1, the racing series for conventional internal combustion engines, it is a much bigger gap, he added.
Mahindra said technology transition from racing to road
in electric cars is faster as it is "like a digital device and the possibility of updating is also much much higher".
Reiterating the group's commitment to push forward for EVs, Mahindra said, "As far as I am concerned the bet we took is the right one. We are in fact increasing it by getting in technology as opposed to just the product."
He said there is an opportunity right from the Euro 2 million Pininfarina PF-Zero going down to electric kick scooter. MSS RKL MR.

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