1,000 buyers in Norway reserve coming all-electric BMW iX3 crossover SUV

BMW Concept iX3
BMW opened order books for its upcoming electric iX3 in Europe at the beginning of September, and the company already has deposits for 1,000 in Norway.
In a page out of the Tesla playbook, the Norwegian buyers each put down deposits of almost $1,900 (1,600 Euros.

BMW introduced the iX3 concept at the Beijing auto show in April, but has not yet shown a production version. The iX3 will be built in China and exported around the world.
Unlike the BMW Vision iNext concept the company previewed in New York last week, the iX3 is based on an existing gas-powered X3 SUV.
The electric SUV will use a 70-kwh lithium battery mounted under the floor to give the iX3 an estimated range of 249 miles, based on the new European WLTP test cycle. That number may be smaller on the more stringent EPA test cycle in the U.S. when it arrives next year.

It will incorporate 150-kw DC fast-charge capability that BMW says will recharge about 192 miles in 30 minutes. The electric motor will put out 270 horsepower.
BMW has not announced whether the electric version of the X3 will have all-wheel drive.
The iX3 will be the first electric car under a new strategy from BMW that bases electric cars on existing, steel-bodied models, rather than developing dedicated, lightweight carbon-fiber chassis for its electric models as it did for the i3 and the i8.

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