At Barnes Crossing Hyundai-Mazda, 2019 is going to be a good year for customers who don’t want to pay a lot for gas.
“So if they can find a hybrid like the Hyundai Ionic they’ve been very adaptable to cars that get 50 to 60 miles a gallon and the Toyota Prius. The Hyundai Ionic have been very good sellers, and they’re great used cars because there are certain people living in every market that have to drive to and from work, and it’s a long distance so they need gas economy cars,” said Barnes Crossing Auto Group member Josh Marshall.
Even customers with families can save on fuel with SUV’s like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which is a different kind of hybrid that gets up to 74 miles to the gallon.
“It acts as an active hybrid electric, but it’s also a plug-in electric. So in other words, if you wanted to choose electric only if you’re making short trips back and forth to home, back and forth to work things like that you can do that. A lot of people think well what happens if you run out of charge? Well, it’s not going to happen because what happens is once the battery reaches a 30-percent capacity the gasoline engine kicks in. The gasoline engine then starts to power a generator which recharges the batteries of course and that will charge it up to 80-percent. Plugging it in will get you to 100,” said Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi.
If you don’t like to buy gasoline at all there is the all electric option like the Chevy Volt. But when I came here to Dwayne Blackmon Chevrolet there weren’t any to see because they’re so popular they can’t keep them in stock.
“Well we’re sold out right now. Why is that? The Chevy is truly an all electric car. It’s not a hybrid. It’s powered by an electric servo-motor and it regenerates power from the front braking system when you’re in coasting mode. And the Chevrolet Volt is designed to give you a good range without any range anxiety. It is a true electric car,” said Blackmon.
“You can actually go about 2,000 miles before you even have to put in the car for the generator. You’ve got a nine gallon gas tank on board for the generator. You fill up your nine gallon tank for your generator, charge your car up and set out and you can get to probably about twenty-one hundred miles before you’d have to recharge or refuel,” said Seaman.

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