Mini electric car teased for the first time, launches in 2019

Mini Electric Concept

Next year Mini will launch its first production electric car, and two teaser images released today give us our first impression of what it will look like. Interestingly, the wheel design bears a close resemblance to those featured on the Mini Electric Concept shown at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.
The teaser of the electric Mini's grille builds on the hexagonal shape of other Minis, but without any openings because there's no internal combustion engine to which to channel air. The yellow accent and "E" logo will be signifying elements for all electric Mini models. While the grille is not a direct copy-paste from last year's concept, the wheel design is. An asymmetric design with four rectangular blocks, the wheels feature a dimpled rim with the same electric-yellow accent, plus another prominent "E" badge as a center cap.
Mini describes the forthcoming electric car as its first EV because the earlier Mini E was a small, limited pilot program. The brand's only other current plug-in vehicle is the Countryman plug-in hybrid. Otherwise, little is known about the new electric vehicle. Last year's concept didn't offer any powertrain specifications, so we can't even speculate as to a potential driving range per charge. Electrification is very important to Mini and its parent company, BMW, however. The automaker has said it will electrify every future model in some form.
"Mini is an urban brand and the fully-electric Mini is the logical next step into the future," Head of Mini Design Oliver Heilmer said in a statement.
The as-yet-unnamed Mini electric car launches next year to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the original Mini's introduction. It will initially be built at BMW's Dingolfing and Landshut plants in Germany, though Mini will also build EVs in China through joint ventures.

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