MG develops new roadster with electric power

MG E-motion concept, 2017 Shanghai auto show   [photo: Ronan Glon]

MG is taking a trip down memory lane with plans to develop a new roadster for China and other markets outside the U.S.
The classic British brand known best for its roadsters worldwide from the 1930s to 1980, is now owned by Chinese automaker SAIC and has been building SUVs and sedans for the Chinese market.
Now MG design chief Shao Jingfeng has confirmed in an interview with the Australian publication Drivethat the company is developing a new roadster in the vein of the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but with a twist—this one will be electric.

"I will make [the] MG brand closer to history because the brand stopped for several years, and for customers [building SUVs] doesn’t answer, 'who is MG?' So we need to get back to the beginning," Jingfeng said.
It's too early for the company to have many specs, but Jingfeng said the car will be electric and offer all-wheel drive.
MG has developed a new small car platform designed to accommodate a roadster, and it is likely the new electric car will use that platform.
China has mandated that a growing number of cars sold by automakers based there be electric, which has led almost every Chinese automaker to develop electric cars. Australia would be a likely market for a new roadster from MG.
The brand also released a concept coupe based on the same platform at the Shanghai auto show this year.

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