Uber launching electric-car program in Seattle

Uber is launches a new electric vehicle (EV) initiative in Seattle and six other cities across the country. It's called EV Champions.
The ridesharing company isn't buying electric cars for drivers but it is teaming up with non-profits to promote the purchase and use of the electric cars by its drivers. In Seattle, Uber is partnering with Portland-based Forth.
"The EV Champions Initiative is a win-win all around--for the environment and for drivers who can save money on fuel and maintenance by choosing to go electric. It will also help many more people fall in love with the fun, quiet performance of electric cars,” said jeff Allen, executive director of Forth in a news release.
Successfull trial programs in Portland and Pittsburg promted the move. Uber hopes to deliver at least five million rides with EV's over the next year.
In addition to Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco are all part of the new program.

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