Pagani eyes all-electric model

Italian boutique car-maker Pagani wants to go electric. The company revealed one of its future models will come with a massive battery pack in lieu of a large-displacement engine.
Speaking to Argentinian television station elTresTV, company founder and CEO Horacio Pagani explained a team made up of 20 engineers and designers is currently working on the project. The company is starting from scratch; it has never built or sold an electric car before. The CEO's comments suggest it's going at it alone instead of splitting costs with another company.
We could see the electric Pagani in 2025. That's all we know about it because the project is at the embryonic stage of development.
The brand isn't going electric-only, however. Autodato reports it's already planning a successor to the Huayra. It will use a twin-turbocharged V12 engine developed by Mercedes-AMG. The 12-cylinder will comply even with the strictest emissions regulations without requiring hybrid assistance, according to the publication.
While auto-makers are phasing out the manual transmission, Pagani has already planned one for its next-generation car. Autodato explains a majority of owners told Pagani they want a stick.
With that in mind, few will be surprised to hear Pagani isn't looking into integrating autonomous technology into its future models. The company's founder said he considers autonomous cars little more than toys.

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