Volkswagen teases I.D. Vizzion

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Car Profile

The Volkswagen I.D. family of electric cars will welcome a new sibling at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.
Dubbed the I.D. Vizzion, the large all-electric sedan will be VeeDub’s first Level 5 fully autonomous vehicle, meaning the self-driving EV will come sans steering wheel and pedals.
As part of the I.D. electric car family, the Vizzion features a spacious interior with room for passengers to kick back and relax while the sleek, low-slung sedan does all the driving for them.
Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Car Interior
The all-electric sedan, according to the automaker will boast a 413-mile range and reach a top speed of 112 mph, thanks to a dual-electric motor setup cranking out 302 horsepower.
Volkswagen announced an $82-billion investment last year to electrify its entire lineup by 2030, to atone for its $25 billion Dieselgate scandal. The investment brought four I.D. concepts to automotive shows in the last year. The maker of the people’s car has 2025 in its sights as the year it will have 30 all-electric vehicle models on roads around the world.
The first I.D. vehicle hitting the production line will be the original I.D., an all-electric Golf, which will replace the current-generation e-Golf. In its place, the regular Golf will come with a plug-in hybrid version. The second I.D., the Crozz, will be the first of the I.D.s to come to the U.S. when it hits the assembly line in 2020.
Unlike the Vizzion, the all-electric Crozz comes with a steering wheel and pedals. Features inside include gesture control and augmented reality capabilities and self-driving mode should you grow tired of piloting your electric car yourself. The Crozz can reach a top speed of 112 mph and a total electric range of 311 miles. Drivers can juice up the Crozz to 80 percent capacity in about a half hour with a 150 kW charger. Don’t worry; Volkswagen plans on installing 2,700 DC fast-charging stations across 17 U.S. cities by June of next year.
The third I.D. will be an all-electric reboot of the retro Microbus. The I.D. Buzz, which hits production in 2022, will get autonomous driving capability to motivate its 369 horsepower electric motors, good for 270 miles of total range

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