Porsche's stunning Tesla rival may be cheaper than expected (TSLA)

porsche mission e

Porsche is set to release its first fully-electric car, the Mission E, in 2019. While the company previously indicated the car's price would begin at around $85,000, Automobile Magazine reports that number may be closer to $75,000. This would put it in the range of Tesla's Model S, which starts at $74,500.
The publication also reports that the Mission E will come in three models, ranging from 402 to 670 horsepower. The fastest model will be able to hit a maximum speed of 155 mph and go from 0-60 mph in about 3.5 seconds, according to Automobile Magazine. This would be a little slower than a Tesla Model S P100D, which can do the same in 2.5 seconds.
The Mission E is Porsche's attempt to compete with Tesla, the Model S in particular, and boasts a number of impressive features. It will be able to drive up to 310 miles on one charge and reach 80% of its battery capacity after charging for just 15 minutes. Tesla's Model S can travel 294 miles per charge.
Drivers will have multiple options when they need to charge the vehicle. They will be able to use a traditional cable or simply drive the car so it sits on top of a charging base plate that can refill its battery without having to plug anything into the car. The car's interior will be very responsive to drivers, with the ability to track the driver's eyes and adjust the dashboard display based on what the driver wants to see.

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